Sunday, May 18, 2008

You Can't Make a Living From Horses!

Anni And Ziggy from Kandihorse Farm

For as long as I can remember, horses have been the love of my life. My Mom knew this and showered me with horse gifts at Christmas and for my birthday. We couldn't afford the real thing but I collected plastic horses, read horse books, watched horse movies on TV, copied horse art, colored horse coloring books, and painted those paint by number things. When I played with kids outside, I was always the horse hitched to a wagon. I was a proud horse with long flowing main falling in my face as I arched my neck (the best a human can do) and pulled happily.

Growing up in this unreal world made me happy. Then one day my third grade teacher assigned book reports to the class permitting everyone except me to pick their own subject. She told me I was not to read a horse book. I can still hear her words " You cannot make a living from horses!" she went on to say. I didn't argue, I just read a dog book, my second love. I don't remember much of my childhood but I never forgot those sad words.

I got my first horse as an adult. I soon realized how wrong she was. Here was a whole bunch of people making a descent income in the horse world. Starting with the dealers, blacksmiths, vets, boarders, feed stores, tack shops and on and on. Some people get into breeding, showing or racing which makes more income, well... for some. Lol.

As it turned out my love of horses remained with me. I began designing
horse T-shirts. Each time I sell a horse shirt it makes me happy to see my teacher was so wrong. Our youth should be fun and full of happy memories. I have had good kind teachers in my life also. They are the ones I learned the most from and have the fondest memories of.

I rode most of my adult life. I took friends riding and did pony rides at festivals. I even breed a mare and raised a racehorse named Blue Relic. He won three races, including the last race ever run at the Garden State Race track. More then the money, horses have enriched my life with trail rides, camping, showing, breeding, photography and painting them. Often I'd take my coffee outside in the cool morning air, and listen to them munching their breakfast. Even cleaning pens is like a therapy. The best therapy ever.
I wouldn't want to make a living without them!

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