Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas With Jada The Goat Christmas Ornament from

Know someone who is into goats? Jada the goat is ready to spread Christmas cheer.

Maaa-y Christmas Card
Goat Christmas Gift Items In My Zazzle Store

Dog Bone Christmas Ornament from

Customize this Dog Bone Ornament At Zazzle   We always like to put our dogs names on ornaments for the tree. Each year it brings back fond memories when we hang the ornaments of some pets that are no longer with us. Add a dogs name across the bone and a photo can share the front or be placed on the back. Play around with the settings to create a great gift.

Unicorn Magic Christmas Ornament from

Unicorn Magic OrnamentOne of my favorite new things at Zazzle this year is the ornaments. They are printable on both sides. I ordered a few to check them out and am very pleased. This unicorn Magic I just placed this morning is a favorite.
Unicorn Magic Christmas Ornament from

Visit my shop and check them out. I added horse, wildlife and dog ornaments too.*