Thursday, July 31, 2008

Digital Painting For Less

I tried a painting program called PixarraTwistedBrushPro. I asked a fellow artist who used many different painting programs,which would she pick, if she could only have one. She then told me about Pixarra TwistedBrush. I never heard of it so I looked it up on the Internet. Wow! It is so much less money then the others. O.K. cheaper. There is even a free version to try it for yourself, before you buy. I am very pleased with it. At first,I just played around with it instead of reading the how to instructions. Ha ha, don't we all. Check out "Ziggy," pictured above. But I went back and did look them over. That's when I found out the many features that I just bought. It's going to be even harder to leave the computer now. My poor family!

So if you've been wanting a paint program, but been put off by the high prices, check TwistedBrush out. The community is very helpful, and a great place to learn. No excuses now, so get painting! Look me up if you join the community, say hello or send me a friend invite.

Oh yea... Ziggy is my sisters stallion, Verse Aspen Ziggy is his name. He is a paint stallion in South Jersey. He loves people, and he loves posing for photos. When she gets a good one she send it to me, "to keep me inspired," she says. I just think she loves the free artwork and gifts, but we won't tell her that.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Brandi And Annie Bonanza Going To States

When someone spends many hours working with an animal, they can form a hard to beat partnership. Sometimes we are lucky enough to know such a hard working pair. I know Brandi Engle, a girl with a wonderful pony named Annie Bonanza. A few years ago I lived next door and saw them working together daily. She is my niece and I am so proud of her. I ask my sister, to give me some details of their progress. And a very proud mother wrote...Brandi Engle and her horse Annie Bonanza, through hard work and a "never give up" attitude has earned them both the honor of representing Cumberland County at the NJ state horse show in August. They will be competing against the top riders in each county in several events. It will be their first try at states in Western Pleasure Pony and English Pleasure Pony. They will be in all 4 of the gaming events also. The Key Hole Race, The Bow Tie race, Pole Bending and Barrel Racing all of which the pair had previously competed in before at the state horse show. She plans to continue to ride this summer to keep Annie in tip top condition." Way to go Brandi and Annie!

A few years ago they inspired one of my T-shirt designs, Summer Days.”
Girls and horses sharing a special kind of “First Love” is one of my favorite inspirations for art.