Thursday, July 31, 2008

Digital Painting For Less

I tried a painting program called PixarraTwistedBrushPro. I asked a fellow artist who used many different painting programs,which would she pick, if she could only have one. She then told me about Pixarra TwistedBrush. I never heard of it so I looked it up on the Internet. Wow! It is so much less money then the others. O.K. cheaper. There is even a free version to try it for yourself, before you buy. I am very pleased with it. At first,I just played around with it instead of reading the how to instructions. Ha ha, don't we all. Check out "Ziggy," pictured above. But I went back and did look them over. That's when I found out the many features that I just bought. It's going to be even harder to leave the computer now. My poor family!

So if you've been wanting a paint program, but been put off by the high prices, check TwistedBrush out. The community is very helpful, and a great place to learn. No excuses now, so get painting! Look me up if you join the community, say hello or send me a friend invite.

Oh yea... Ziggy is my sisters stallion, Verse Aspen Ziggy is his name. He is a paint stallion in South Jersey. He loves people, and he loves posing for photos. When she gets a good one she send it to me, "to keep me inspired," she says. I just think she loves the free artwork and gifts, but we won't tell her that.

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