Saturday, February 14, 2015

                                                 Acrylic Art by B Hymer

 I gathered photos of some of my past works because I wanted to create a video of them. I let the first two images stay on longer because there is more detail.
 I found out you could load photos and create a video complete with music right on YouTube for free. To find out more I watched a few videos about it. Two of them were How to Create a YouTube Slideshow by Martin Brossman and How to Create a Slideshow on YouTube With Music by Peggy Duncan.
 If you would like to try to make a slideshow of your own, put the images you want in a folder on your PC. Make sure you know where it is located so you can find it easy. Some people put the folder on their desktop. Make sure you share your video with me I would love to see it.


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