Tuesday, October 28, 2008

T-shirt Tuesday

 Bryn Youngblut is an Entrepreneur and Affiliate Marketer. As part of his blog http://bryn.me/2008/10/28/hoof-and-paw-impressions-t-shirt-tuesday/, he writes a new T-shirt plug on Tuesdays. He is a young man with a good head on his shoulders.

 I contacted him about my shop. Come to find out he had a Bearded Collie named Jazz. After he sent me a few pictures, I used PhotoShop to paint a couple of portraits of Jazz. One plain and one with a Santa hat and Candy Cane.

 I put Jazz on T-Shirts and other cool stuff. I can do this because I joined CafePress and opened a shop there.

 They look great together. I've been on pin and needles waiting for this day. He did a fine job writing about my shop, Thanks Bryn
Thank-You to everyone that helped make my first shop a sucsess.

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