Monday, June 8, 2009

My daughter drew this bee when she was in second grade. I saved it for years and thought how cute it would be on a T-shirt.
Zazzle printed this onesie that just happens to be on my granddaughter. I left the text off because you can add your own text at
You can add text to much of artwork there at Zazzle to create your very own shirt even if you can't draw. I'm just getting started there but please stop by and check out my new store.
There are so many places and so many ways to sell your art online. I loved the way CafePress printed T-shirts. So soft and they lasted a long time.
They just took away the artist say in the mark-up, if they want to be in the Market Place. At first I was shocked, how could they do this to us? I spent three years working on designs and my store was starting to earn a nice income, mostly around the holidays. I had all my eggs in one basket.

So now I am testing some others online places to sell such as Red Bubble, Spreadshirt, Fine Art America and Zazzle. It looks like Zazzle has my attention for now. There is a lot to learn, so I'm reading forums... till I fall asleep. I get a kick out of "You Suck At Zazzle" on YouTube. LOL.
I have managed to get a few horse designs in my Zazzle store. Oh yea, and one bee design.
Fine Art America is a nice place to sell your art. They print your work and do all the selling and shipping part. But you can sell you original yourself though their sight.
Chuck took the neatest picture of a Rose Breasted Gross Beak in our backyard. After some Photo Shop work we loaded it in Fine Art America. We bought a 9x12 with the gallery wrap. I was pleased. It came very well protected ready to hang.

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